Sunday, July 7, 2013

Old Friends

Had a pretty great week, let me just say that right off the bat.

On Monday I was sent to one of not-so-favourite schools. Remember my second day when I went to that school out in the far off at the end of the tube line? Where the bus took forever to pop up and when I finally reached the school it was a disorganized mess with a rude secretary? Guess where I got to go again! *sigh* I was in a different class - year one this time - and the munchkins were fantastic but the organization was still a disaster and the commute was still a pain in the butt.

The rest of my week, however, was spent at that pretty awesome Catholic school I've mentioned before. All four days were with the same year four class - although Wednesday afternoon I did PPA coverage in Year One and Year Two. Thursday I had Monday's iDay confirmed and got a random call from Moynul checking to be sure I was still alive, LOL. Friday was awesome. The kiddies watched Hop in the afternoon so that was nice and easy. I got the list of schools I'll be interviewing for on Monday and they all seem pretty cool; I've even supplied at one of them before.

Friday night I went out with Nicole. As in Nicole-I-went-to-CEGEP-with Nicole. She's doing a stint as a docent at one of the WWII museums in France. I can't remember where exactly, but it's one the beaches for sure. Anyways, she'd taken advantage of her recent vacation time to hop the Channel and visit Jolly Old England. Friday night we met up and it was like the years since we last saw each other never happened. Very cool.

We went to Shepherd's Bush and saw Now You See Me - which had a truly surprising twist that made the whole thing awesome squared. We then grabbed lunch at Spaghetti House over in Westfield Mall and end the night by walking back to Turnham Green. On Saturday we met up again and did the whole tourist thing. We checked out the British Museum, then wandered around the Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square area checking out all the sights. We were planning on seeing a show, but everything was pretty much sold out - including The Globe and The Lion King. We ended up seeing Despicable Me 2 at The Empire in Leceister Square. It was very cool.

Today I went over to Christa's to use her printer and put my portfolio together. I've been working on some lesson plans for awhile now so it was nice to finally get them out on paper. I'm beyond excited and nervous for tomorrow. Cross your fingers and wish me luck, peeps!

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