Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moving Day!

Finally, at long last, I am free of passive aggressive Post-It notes and condescending Facebook PMs. I will no longer be growled at or have my attempts at conversation met with curt, vague answers. I will no longer need to hear iPod music being blasted or be haunted by the Friends theme or have random people turn up to spend the night on the couch without so much as a heads up. Ah, freedom. Somebody, quick, call the Munchkins and cue the song!

Okay, so technically, it should be "witches" since we're talking about two people here but you get the idea.

I am officially moved out! I have to fork over £300 towards the last rent and I have no doubt that they will stiff me on the return of my deposit but sweet lords it's good to be free!

On Friday night, I dragged poor Christa over to get the keys and hear the official moving in spiel from the landlady. We made two trips that night carting my stuff over. Christa then slept over at the old place so that Saturday we could get going ASAP. Big shock - as soon as I left with the first load that morning I got a text reminding me to leave the keys or else I'd need to make a trip back to return them. Like, no, really? I never would have realized that without the timely reminder. *eye-roll*

We only had to do two trips (and I did in fact leave the keys behind). I then made a trip with Christa to her place. Ironically, we got all the way there and she realized she'd forgotten her keys for her old place at our new place. Thankfully, her roommate was around to remedy the problem. Christa had still been in the process of packing so we only made the one trip and then ordered pizza from Dominoes.

Today I've been to the grocery store and finished my unpacking while Christa made two trips with her stuff. Unfortunately, it takes about 3 hours per trip so it's slow going. One of my belts (the one I use most, of course) has gone MIA but everything else is accounted for. I have oodles of storage to work with so it's a huge change from the old place.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, LOL.

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