Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well, not me (that I know of, at least) - but my cousin Curtis. Yup, that's right - my cousin Curtis, a guy I used to all "Pizza Head" and who taught me how to throw a baseball, who is a whole seventeen months older than me (not a year - SEVENTEEN months) got married, tied the noted, was joined in matrimony, walked down the aisle, dropped anchor, got hitched, became one with another, was pronounced man and wife, wed - whatever your idiom, ladies and gents, as of yesterday that boy is MARRIED! 

And I missed it!

Stupid ocean. I only have 4 cousins, 2 siblings, 2 BFFs, and 3 friends - that's not a lot of potential weddings to look forward to and I missed one! Oh, the prices we pay to follow our dreams. 

I mean, heck, LOOK at what I missed out on:

So, this is Curt and his bride, Allison. I've never met Allison, but from everything I've heard and from all that I've gathered, she's a truly wonderful woman. I mean, call me biased, but that's rather a given seeing as how my cousin loves her, but she holds up well to expectation, or so my mom and sister report. Totally bummed I haven't met her but looking forward to one day doing so.

Here's Curt with his parents - my aunt Juanita and my uncle Kris (Juanita, if you're wondering, is my mom's sister). Doesn't my aunt look adorable? I love the colour of her dress - it matches her colouring well and the style suits her body type perfectly. And look at my uncle being all squinty eyed. Isn't it sad how age can affect the vision? If he's not careful he's going to end up with trench lines around his sockets. LOL - I kid. I've just got a tad of residual wrath going on from him hanging my stuffed Mickey Mouse by his neck from the ceiling fan last time I visited. "Suicide" my foot. Grr.

This is Curt and his sister, Janna. Isn't her dress just beyond adorable? Not just the layered skirt and sweetheart neckline, but that cute-squared pink colour - it's just the perfect storm of cuteness, especially with her skin tone! I'm also beyond impressed by her Queen Amidala hairstyle.

This is my brother, JR. He's holding the rings. Why is he holding the rings? Curt and Allison's ceremony included a ring warming. What the heck is a ring warming? Well, during a ring warming, the couple’s wedding rings are passed among their guests, who are asked to say a prayer, blessing, or make a special wish for the couple over the rings while holding them.  This intimate exchange is meant to inject all of the loving energy of the couple’s friends and family into the rings that they’ll be wearing for a lifetime. And JR was the one who collected the rings at the end and brought them to the couple.

Here's the happy couple with the groom's family. Let's see how well I can do this, shall we? So, obviously my aunt Juanita is sitting on the left arm of the couch, my cousin Janna on the right arm. Seated in the chair on the left is my uncle Kris, in the chair on the right is his mother (Curt's grandmother) Daphne. 
Behind my uncle Kris: my cousin Jess (in black), my cousin Jenn (in red), my sister Bunnie (the red-head), her boyfriend Steve, my mom Ramona (in blue behind my aunt), Kris' brother Bud (white shirt), I have no idea who that is in the black dress but my brother JR in in blue behind Curt and Alley and in the back behind JR in the suit is my uncle Grego. And there ends the extent of my identification abilities. Half the go me!

Here's hoping for a long and happy ever after for decades to come!

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