Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jamie and Lori Visit!

So, my aunt works for one of those companies that every now and then rewards their top sales people with cruises. My aunt is a total all-star so, no big surprise, she won the cruise this year - a Mediterranean tour, if I recall, for her and a guest. Obviously, my uncle was her guest and decided to make it a twofer: prior to embarking on the Mediterranean company cruise, they opted to first go on a cruise of their own choosing going around Northern Europe (Russia, Finland, Sweden, etc). Want to take a wild guess where they spent the three days between the two cruises?

My Uncle Jamie and Aunt Lori...obviously not in London, LOL.

They came to visit me and I was totally, completely psyched out!

SUNDAY. They arrived, coming in on a British Airways flight to Heathrow. I met them outside their hotel (which, FYI, could have used a bigger sign or...something to help it stand out from its surroundings - I actually missed it twice) just off of Bond Street. We walked from there up to Trafalgar Square and back again, chatting and catching up, while I pointed out some of the more spectacular sights and some of my favourite haunts and then we grabbed supper at Bella Italia. I can't begin to tell you how awesome it was to see them, to have that little taste of home brought to me. I felt the urge to pinch myself a couple times just to be sure they were really, truly there. Turns out, yup, they really were - how cool is that?

MONDAY. I had to work so the plan was to meet up with Jamie and Lori afterwards outside of Ripley's Believe It or Not. I just had to text them when I finished work to be confirm the plan. So, naturally, on my way to work Mr. Hip locked, I fell, the phone went flying and, presto! I ended up with my cellphone's screen shattered. And for those of you playing at home, that would be my smartphone with a touch screen which, obviously, no longer functioned with its screen turned into one giant spider web. Needless to say I had to rush from work to the nearest cellphone seller (in this case Carphone Warehouse) and buy a new one. This time with an insurance plan to cover it should it be dropped again. Grr.

Went on to Piccadilly Circus. Lori texted to let me know they'd relocated to a coffee shop across from the Ripley's gift shop. You know what's almost impossible to find if you don't already know where it is? Ripley's  had to ask the Ripley's guide hanging out in their lobby for directions. We went to a pub off of Leicester Square for supper - Bear & Staff - and caught up on their day.

TUESDAY. This time around we met up along the Thames, right by the National Theatre which proved a nice bit of luck with where my bus dropped me. Jamie and Lori had done oodles of walking that day so it was good that the restaurant - Nando's - was just a bit further up the Thames. Afterward we took the Tube back closer to their hotel and walked the rest of the way. I got presents, which is always nice (snowglobe, doll-like knicknack, Finland socks, two pairs of shorts and a jean skirt). They flew out the next morning so parting that night was beyond bittersweet. I was so totally homesick afterwards but I wouldn't have traded those three days for anything! My only regret is that I had to work and couldn't have had the whole day with them.

Christmas (and my trip home) cannot come too soon!

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