Sunday, July 21, 2013

The New Digs

And now, ladies and gents, boys and girls, may I present my new digs! Because, really, we all know you've been dying for the picture tour, have you not?

So without further ado...ta da!

So, clearly, I've missed living in a yellow house because here I am, once again, living in a yellow house. One day this will no doubt be my claim to fame: the woman who lived in yellow houses her whole life. The front yard is basically stone, no green except the odd flower. That window on the right? That's my bay window. Christa's room is right above me. You walk through the gate, up the stone path to the front door, and walk through into...

This little entry way. There's a little area there with two doors on the left, stairs on the right, and the kitchen dead ahead. You see that door? That lets you close off the little area and behind it is the cupboard under the stairs where the vacuum is kept. No Harry Potter though. I checked.

Remember those stairs on the right I mentioned? There would be them. At the top are the three doors for the three other bedrooms (Florian's, the smallest, is straight ahead, Erik's is on the left, and Christa's is on the right)

So, you walk into the house and there are two doors, as I said, on the left. The first one opens into this - called a "water closer" - and it's basically a sink and a toilet.

And through door number two on the left is the shower. Just the shower. And nothing but the shower. It's light and fan switch is outside the room, in case you're wondering.

This is that infamous "little area" as seen from the kitchen. Because, um, you know perspective is everything and all that.

The kitchen and dining area (right side). In that cupboard on the far right are all the pots and pans and plates and bowls and cups and glasses and so on. The table, as you see, fits three. And, oh, look at that - a red checkered table cloth. Isn't that quaint? 

The kitchen and dining area (left side). The drawers of cutlery are first, followed by two mini-fridges. We each of us have our very own mini-fridge - these two belong to the guys, Florian and Erik. The stove is a bit old but functions well enough and the small cupboard on its right holds some small appliances like a sandwich toaster and a slow cooker. Then there's the washing machine and sink (unseen). We each of us also have are own cupboard - mine is the first one to the right of the water heater, Christa's is above the drying wrack, and the small cupboard above and to the right of the stove holds communal stuff.

That white appliance that's mostly cut from the picture is a dryer. And that white appliance sitting on the counter is a microwave. Two things my old place did not have that I have missed terribly. It's nice to have them back. The two fridges pictured are mine and Christa's and, unlike those of the boys', ours have freezer compartments, thank the gods. Mine is on the left.

Pan out a bit and, oh, what's this? It's a television! I now have access to a television! I can watch Dr Who and Sherlock LIVE people! *sniffle* It was a happy realization.

The couch area - not a fan of the colour scheme but, hey, at least it's soft and comfy. And, really, when you're sitting there I don't think your attention is meant to be on the couch anyways.

The backyard. It's a bit on the dusty/dried out side but, hey, at least I'm not expect to tend to it. I have enough trouble trying to keep potted plants alive. 

And now the part you've all been waiting for...MY ROOM!

The much talked about bay window. The drawers where I keep my clothes and, as you can see, the roosting place of Big Mickey, Simba and my CCG teddy.

The bed, where Ollie sits. I have my Prom picture of Daddy and me, my cell, some Tylenol, a book, an alarm clock, my Newfie Moose, a note block, and a lamp on the 3-drawer night stand. There's also a chair tucked into the opposite corner. Just because.

The some of the room, like the closet. And also my Alchemy Gothic fairy calendar.

Desk, the Ikea chair, a lamp, and the closet. You can see the feet of the Mickey collection on the shelves, along with some books, drawing stuff, writing stuff and movie stuff. Clearly calling this the Hobby Area.

AHA! And I bet you thought I was done showing the window area! But, clearly, I'm not because here it is again...only now with a radiator...just because.

My door with Westen the Owl hanging as guard. Also a mirror, lamp and corner of the Hobby Area.

The Hobby Area! With my books and Mickey Mouse plushie collection and DVDs and...stuff!

 Open the closet and you get...a sink! And shoes! And toiletries! OMG!

And, also, I may have photobombed. No idea how that could've happened...

And, you know, you get clothes too when you open the closet. Because, um, yeah, it's a CLOSET. On an unrelated side note, I need more hangers.

And there you have it, boys and girls, the new digs!

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