Monday, June 3, 2013

Half Term Break

Half term break means another week off. By some miracle, however, I had five days of work the week before, despite GPS being void.

Mini drama alert: So, on the Tuesday, I was booked for two days at this school in year two. At the end of the day, consultant calls to let me know that he's booked for the following day. When I told him it was already booked by another consultant, he told me that assignment had been cancelled because apparently I didn't show good control and hadn't done any marking. Um, yeah...except that I was at the school until 5 marking, all the students had completed all their work, and the only hiccup in the day was when no one told me my phonics group happened outside the classroom. To say I was peeved is an understatement of gross proportions. Fortunately, I got booked right away for both Wednesday and Thursday but it was still beyond aggravating.

Anyways, this week my roommates were all off and away on trips so I had the house to myself. Nothing much happened - I saw some movies, browsed the internet, worked on my writing and such, did some reading, pretty much same old. On Thursday, Christa and I went around Ealing Broadway registering at all the letting agencies. At the end of the day, we looked at the fees involved, the costs, our budgets, and ultimately decided that finding two rooms in the same house to rent would be better suited to our needs. And, hey, who doesn't love all inclusive rent?

Writing the day off as a learning experience.

Friday I began my day by running to the post office and retreiving my Dr Seuss Baker's Dozen collection. Because, naturally, despite my being home 90% of the week, the mailman came while I was out with Christa at the letting agencies. Clearly, our feud goes on. Sigh. Afterwards, Christa and I went to the Super Cuts located near the Shepherd's Bush station. I got my hair trimmed and some red highlights tossed in. Christa got a wash, a trim, and a dry. As a thank you for putting up with me, I bought Christa lunch...or possibly supper, I the Spaghetti House in Westfields mall.

Saturday...Saturday I embarked on a super secret mission I will no doubt mention later - MUCH later - so we'll revisit it again then. Suffice to say it was time consuming, exhausting, and border-line crazy. The things you do for love.

Today, naturally, I didn't work so I headed off bus hopping instead. Ended up at Piccadilly Circle where I grabbed lunch at Pizza Hut - their Happy Hour special where you get a drink, a side, and a pizza for £7.

As always, I can't wait to get back into the trenches. Going a bit stir crazy. Plus, you know, there was no Paris this time around to take the edge off, LOL.

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