Sunday, June 23, 2013

Checking in and Superman

Last couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful. Worked everyday, lots of days being at Gayhurst and Three Bridges being a close second. Also on the work front, I was accepted for iDay (an interview day hosted by Engage - basically schools come together to interview several teachers at once to fill what job openings they have) on the 18th. It was supposed to happen on Monday but apparently there weren't any suitable positions so I've been pushed to July 8th.

In regards to my social life, Christa came over for movie viewing last Saturday and this weekend I went to see Man of Steel. It was awesome...for a Superman movie. I loved seeing all the little Easte Eggs - like Superman and Zod flinging each other through a Lex Corp oil truck and flying past a Wayne Enterprises satellite dish. I also like how they fixed one of my biggest Superman pet peeves (hint: has to do with Lois). Didn't hurt that Henry Cavill was yummy as all get-out. I especially liked how they fixed the story-telling issue that hampered Batman Begins; instead of a slow build up from the beginning up towards the advent of the hero, Man of Steel staggers their info-dump through flashbacks. Oh, and Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe totally rocked as Papa Kent and Jor-El, respectively. Overall, nicely played, Mr. Snyder, nicely played.

Mom and JR have headed down to Moncton for my cousin's impending nuptuals. He's get married next Saturday but my mom and JR are heading down earlier for a visit and to help with the preparations. Wish I could there too!

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