Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jeeves and the British Museum

Met up with Jeeves this morning for breakfast. We went to Garfunkel's. Thought a second try would tell me for sure if I liked it or not. Turns out I don't. Bright side, got lots of catching up time with Jeeves which is always a hoot.

Afterwards, he headed off to meet up with friends in Richmond and I went to check out the British Museum. Again. Had to convince them to open their Alexander the Great exhibit. First time I came around, it was closed. I just couldn't miss it a second time! Luckily an understanding security guard helped me out and in I skipped. Still haven't found the Magna Carta. I know it's in there somewhere...I just haven't come across it. Yet.

I've seen the Rosetta Stone.

I've seen the bust of Alexander the Great.

I've seen several statues of Aphrodite and her fellow gods and goddesses. Not to mention any nymph, grace, monster, sphinx, animal, or scenes mentioned in an ancient myth, poem, play, or story.

I've seen the Egyptian Book of the Dead (or one of them anyway).

I've seen mummies (and sarcophagi, of course).

I've seen skeletons (it's all about method of internment, apparently, and it seems it was better to leave them in the sand than to put to them in a box...who knew?).

I've seen oodles of statues depicting one pharaoh or another (below is Amenhotep III,  but Ramses II is pretty popular too).

But no Magna Carta. Yet. I will one day though...mark my words.

Know what I DID find, though? Afterwards, when I left the museum and was making my way to the bus, well any bus really, I ducked into a - what does the rest of the world call a depenneur? - and came away with this beauty:

My weekend is complete.

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