Monday, April 1, 2013

Term End Break: The Beginning!

Last week was spent entirely at the super-casual school of past fame, with the exception of Friday when I was reshuffled and sent to Slough instead. When Friday came around, Christa slept over and we watched movies online and ordered Chinese take-out.This week GPS was void (term end break is upon me with the first two weeks of April being off and, consequently, a month worth of GOS voidness to look forward to *sigh*) and I only had three days - one at super-casual in year one, two in Slough with Nursery.

Thursday I did nothing more exciting than ordering Chinese take-out for supper. Friday I went out and ran some errands. Had to get euros for my impending Paris excursion and return a shirt that looked more appealing online than in my hands. Finally, I saw G.I. JOE: Retaliation and grabbed some pizza to end out my day. Can I just say that I really, really, REALLY hope they find some plot loop for the third film (which has already been green lit, FYI, by Paramount) to resurrect Duke. I loved his character both in this film and the last and, also? With him dead I worry about poor Baroness sitting in some lab, getting her nanites removed, so she can be with a man who isn't there anymore. On the plus side, however, no matter what the third film is sure to have oodles of Snake Eyes and, really, can you ever have too much of the strong, silent, ninja type?

Saturday I vegged, working on my writing which I swear is just this || close to be finished...or at least the second draft is. Who knows how many drafts it'll need before I'm satisfied? Sunday I went out again - to see Jack the Giant Slayer (I'm a movie buff, okay? I love movies, ergo I see lots of them - don't judge) and Ewan McGregor was pretty darn funny.

Which brings us to today. I didn't sleep much last night - two of my roommates (the third having gone home to Canada) headed off for a Greek cruise this morning and their friends slept over here last night; need more be said? I did manage to grab a few winks eventually and then spent the rest of the day Skyping with my mom, updating my blog (clearly) and making some macaroons (don't laugh - I have photographic proof, thank you very much).


Wednesday I head off with Christa and her mom for Paris. So excited I wish I had a TARDIS around to jump ahead and have this wait be over already! Needless to say, my next post is sure to be interesting!


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  1. See - I told you, you could do baking and do it well -- A few more tries and you can probably try a meal or two LOL!!!