Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

So, after a great week with five days of full day teaching came the hands-down, best day of the entire year: MY BIRTHDAY! As of Friday, I am officially 25 years old, a quarter century, twenty-and-five. Let's all take a moment here to let that sink in.

How did I spend this once-in-a-lifetime milestone? After work, I came back to the house and, with my mom's help via Skype, picked out an outfit. I grabbed the Tube over to Victoria and there I met up with Christa and we walked over to the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Why you ask? Well, because for my birthday Christa had bought us tickets to see...

Yup. Wicked. I saw WICKED (the 7.30PM showing, to be exact) and it was incredible. Well, okay, the first song that Glenda/Galinda sang must've had a mic issue because she sounded like bad opera, but everything else about it was terrific. I loved the acting - it was just the right blend of seriousness, comedy, romance, and fourth-wall skirting. I loved the story - which had a surprising twist ending I did not see coming. I loved the actors, especially the ones play Elphaba, G(a)linda and Fiyero. I loved the stage and watching all the set changes. I mean, hell, check it out:

It was just an all around awesome experience and I can't thank Christa enough for the gift! (Although I can repay, of course, when her birthday comes around in November.) Oh, and also? I ended up buying myself a Wicked hoodie - officially called "Color Block Logo Hoodie" - and it's so soft and warm! Got it oversized, of course, for extra cuddly value.

Afterward, since it was so late, most of the restaurants we tried were either closed or not serving food, so we ended up grabbing Burger King and heading back to my place where Christa slept over after a failed attempt to watch the original Wizard of Oz flick.

Saturday, we grabbed brunch at Giraffe by Big Ben, then headed over to haunt Shepherd's Bush for a spell before catching supper at Nando's and seeing Django Unchained. It was a phenomenal weekend! Definitely set itself as the birthday celebration to beat, LOL.

Oh, and as a final extra special something, I already know that I'll be teaching the full of next week at the super-casual school I mentioned and what can be better than having your whole week booked before it even begins? Let me hear you say BOOYAH! Happy Saint Patty's Day, peeps.

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