Monday, April 15, 2013

Ending the Break and Back to the Trenches

Finally back to work!

Well, okay, in theory. Didn't actually work today but the point here is that I COULD have worked since the break is, at long last, over! Okay, it was an awesome break, a great break, but it's still nice to be back at work. And booked for the next three days at Gayhurst.

Last Thursday, I went out. No, really. I went to Clapham Junction for a get-together Engage was hosting. Basically, the teachers and consultants for the Northwest and Southwest - or at least those who weren't trapped at work or still off and about on vacations. I dragged Christa along and stayed over at her place afterwards. We started out at a bar called Revolutions just down the street fromthte tube station. Nicole was there from NW, but the majority of people were from the SW, not that it mattered. We ended up meeting a fellow Canadian teacher, Justin, who hails from Toronto and teaches secondary. He was pretty impressed with my knowledge of comic books and invited us to tag along over to a pub around the corner where he knew the singer performing.

It was pretty fun. Exchanged cell phone numbers with Justin and then, due to the lateness of the hour and the tube having shut down for the night, Christa and I had to take buses back to her place.

On Friday, after leaving Christa's, I met up with Justin and we went to Shepherd's Bush where we saw Oblivion and then grabbed supper at Nando's. We met up again last night for pizza. Turns out we can really carry a conversation. We'll see how that goes.

Spent today on my usual default setting: sitting around, lazing about, while surfing the net, watching videos, and working on my writing. Always seem to be working on my writing. It's a never ending experience. I sigh.

Bright side, work is back to keep me occupied. Can you say "yipee"? LOL

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