Monday, April 8, 2013

Paris - Day 3 - Sacré-Cœur Basilica

OMFG, the stairs!

Up and up and up and up - I didn't think they were ever going to end. Forget Everest - you want a climb? Try going to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. It was just stairway after stairway and when you finally - finally - reach the street above, guess what? There's MORE FREAKING STAIRS!

Naturally, when we reached the top, on the other side of the steepest, tallest, evilest hill in all the world was the stupid elevator meant to bypass the stair route. Can you say "FML" much?

Well, okay so there may have been ONE positive side to climbing so high - you got one hell of a view. Of course, all the Paris sites (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc) were on the opposite side of the hill, but the quintessential French quality to the architecture and scope here more than makes up for that.

Thankfully, going down again proved easier, likely because it was just two flights of stairs followed by a gently sloped hill that deposited us not to far from our hostel.

We grabbed supper at another Hippopotamus. A note here about Parisian waiters; they basically have two settings.If you're anglophone, they are complete snobs who just want you to tell them what you want so they can get away from you as quickly as possible. If, however, you can speak French, even my Quebecois version, you suddenly become their best friend and they are more than happy to serve you, bring you whatever you may wish on silver platters. I tested this theory, speaking English at first and then switching to French, and so long as you try, they really, really love you. Talk about your Jekyll/Hyde scenarios.

All in all, not too bad a last night in Paris.

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