Sunday, March 10, 2013

Uneventful Events

So, last week was pretty uneventful; with GPS void, I pretty much had an entire week of TA work (well, four of the five days at any rate). On the weekend, Christa came over and we booked our trip to Paris for the next break coming up in April and then went to the cinema to catch Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. It was a pretty good movie and I loved Jeremy Renner as a diabetic, kickass Hansel.

This week went a heck of a lot more exciting. TA work on Monday, but my consultant agreed to pay me my full teacher's rate. I had a half-day of teaching on Tuesday in south-west London; the commute was brutal but afterward I met up with Christa for supper at Nando's near London Bridge on the Thames. Wednesday's teaching was at a school in Hackney, probably the only school in London that doesn't have uniforms and has students calling their teachers by their first names. There was a new school on Thursday near Wembley stadium and a great good year three class that, according to the TA, could have been even better. I ended my week with a trip to Slough and Nursery.

Today is Jeeves' birthday so yesterday he came to town and we went to the National Portrait Gallery (which has portraits of bunches and bunches of historical figures from the last five hundred years or so, most of them noble). We grabbed a meal at T.G.I.Friday's then walked over to Big Ben and Westminster station where we parted ways. I went on to meet up with Christa and head over to the theatre to see Oz, the Great and Powerful. I was so excited - I am such a huge Oz fangirl - and the movie didn't disappoint. Now it's just five more days until my own birthday...can you say impatient much?

Like I said, not all that much going on - especially when you can't take photos of the museum exhibits and you're trying to completely bore your readers with play-by-plays of the movies you see. Given that next week's my birthday, though, I'm sure I'll have more exciting news then.

Until next time, my dears!

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