Sunday, January 13, 2013

OMG, the BOREDOM - how it stings!

This week was completely uneventful. I worked three days - Monday and Tuesday as a teacher's assistant at the Islamic school I've been to before in Clapham, Wednesday in Reception at a Christian school in West Drayton. What followed was a four day weekend that, oh my god, bores me to tears. I ran some errands on Friday - going to Ealing Broadway where I went to the bank, the library and picked up a new digital camera. The reason for needing a new camera? Old one's battery can't be charged over here in the UK (the battery itself needs to be removed from the camera and plugged in to the wall). So I got the same camera in a newer model which, thus, gives me the UK charger I need for BOTH cameras and, since I already have the charger for North America, I'm all set. Unless I move to Europe. Saturday I went back to Ealing for an anti-virus and made a pit stop for pizza at Pizza Hut. Today I've done nothing but update my blogs and laze about.

Which brings me to an observation I've had about UK radio stations. Have you ever seen the movie DEMOLITION MAN? It's set in the future, mostly, and apparently the world of the future considers show tunes the best music ever! Well, London? Same deal. Yesterday alone - in different stores and on different stations to boot - I heard the themes of Sesame Street, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hawaii Five-O, I Dream of Jeanie, The Flintstones, and, I kid you not, Murder, She Wrote. It's so...weird.

Fingers crossed next week is at least more interesting, if not busier.

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