Monday, January 21, 2013

Cabin Fever

Another four day weekend. I never thought it would be possible, but I'm really getting sick of those. Two weeks off for the holidays, four day weekends ever since, and I've had way, way, way, WAY too much free time on my hands. I've been rotating back and forth between Northanger Abbey and a Doctor Who novel, I've sketched my Gaia avatar and some random animals, I've edited three chapters of my writing, I've finished doing marathons of both Murder, She Wrote AND The A-Team and have now started on Eureka, and I've browsed the internet - specifically TVtropes and Pinterest - so much that I'm beginning to hate the sight of my browser. And have you noticed my blog is thus updated? Heck, Friday and Saturday I even had a freaking head cold and got to fit naps in and STILL I made like the world's most bored Energizer Bunny. It's insane. It's inhuman. It''s BLAH!

Last week I did two days as a teacher's assistant - Monday with a little boy with severe autism and Tuesday with a Nursery class - and two days teaching at the school with the courtyard - Wednesday in Year Four, Thursday in Year Two. When Friday dawned, the great chunks of London had ground to a halt - the transit system had been compromised, with the Tube lines in particular either delayed or suspended, the schools were either closed or forced to close early, and the streets had been reduced to slippery, traction-less slides.

What brought this on you ask?
Snow. Yup, that's right, ladies and gents, I've had two days off - Friday and today - because of snow. SNOW! As a Canadian, I was deeply offended by this. Heck, there wasn't even all that much - maybe two or three inches, if that - and today? Today it wasn't even snowing! Today the snow - which continued to fall all weekend to one degree or another and kept me pretty much house-bound - was freaking MELTING under a bright blue sky and a happy shining sun, and STILL the transit system was messed up and schools were closed. It was sad. Almost as sad as the UK's inability to master peanut butter.

If I have anymore weekends longer than their requisite two days, I really am going to go completely bonkers - I'm fast running out of hobbies.

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