Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Answers

Ever have one of those moments where you're fairly certain the answer you were given doesn't match question you asked? Yup. One of those.

The Situation: Tomorrow is Friday and I'll be at the courtyard school again, this time in Nursery. I was also at the school today (Year One) and on Tuesday (Year Two). Incidentally, on Monday I was back for one last time doing one-on-one work with that autistic little boy from last week (GPS is back though so, yay, money is upped!) and I was off on Wednesday. Anyways, the courtyard school tends to go ghost town as soon as school ends on Friday which can cause big problems for supply teachers (like, oh, me) who need to get their time sheet signed and faxed and, oh, did I mention that apparently only the receptionist knows how to work the fax machine?

The Problem: So, I thought, hey, I could get my time sheet signed and faxed out today, that would solve everything. But, oh, wait, can you have a post-dated time sheet? Can the school authorize on Thursday the work that hasn't been done yet on the Friday? I texted my consultant to find out.

My Text: Can a time sheet be post dated?

The Response:
If they're outstanding send them in.

So, okay, clearly he thought I meant that I had a time sheet from a while back hanging around I wanted to know if they carried an expiry date. Close but not quite what I meant. I tried again.

My Text: I meant like can tomorrow's work be on today's time sheet if it's same school? Future work, not past. My bad. Cue sheepish emoticon here.

The Response: Yes same school same sheet

*head-desk* Yes, yes - I KNOW that the same school can be on the same time sheet. I want to know if you can put FUTURE work on a time sheet sent in early. This is the part where I gave up.

The Solution: I talked to the receptionist and got her to teach me how to use the fax machine. Problem solved. The next time I want to know something from my consultant, I'll ask him to call.

Now it's Nursery and adorable ankle-biters tomorrow and on Saturday I've plans to see Les Misérables and grab some Chinese with Christa. Until next I come about, mes amies, I bid you adieu!

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