Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short Post for a Short Week

Last Sunday, I went out and got a new laptop from Argos. It had to be done; Grayson's battery was losing its ability to hold a charge, its power cable was having trouble connecting with the computer and its fan was in its death throes. So, I did some research, consulted my more in-the-know friends and retired Grayson-the-HP and bought Nightwing-the-Toshiba. Because, yes, I do indeed name my laptops...and my other technology too. I'm a namer. It's what I do.

So far, so good on the new laptop front. It's working wonderfully and, in a happy coincidence, my mom managed to work out how to use Skype so we've been doing that quite regularly ever since. Should be awesome for Christmas.

It was a GPS void week, and you all know how much I love that. I worked three days this week - Monday I was back at the awesomely well behaved Catholic school, Wednesday I was at last week's Islamic school in a much better class, and Thursday I went to Watford for an easy as pie half-day which, once again, included a fun filled journey where I of course hit a snag or ten before arriving at the school. Thank the gods that the secretary was willing to drive me back to the train station at the end of the day and I got to forgo getting lost...again.

Two weeks off starts now which, of course, gives me mixed feelings. I'm glad to have the time off to relax and recharge - plus, you know, holidays! - but at the same time that's a month of messed up pay (two weeks GPS void, two weeks holidays) and that makes me nervous. Still, it's still Christmas. I just wish I wasn't far from home and all. It's going to be rough, no question.

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