Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rough Week with a Fun Ending

This week was definitely on the more uneventful side of things right up until the end. Tuesday I was at Wembley - the school with the outdoor courtyard - in a Year 1 class that went very well. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent in Year 2 classes at Derwentwater - the school essentially around the corner from the house. Monday was in one class, Wednesday and Thursday were in another - and those afternoons spend in Nursery. I had high hopes of returning on Friday but by the consultant called I'd already been booked to go to another school by another consultant, conincidentally the same school one of my roommates was headed to. I really, really, really wish I'd gotten to go back to Derwentwater water instead. Friday was...well, it wasn't easy. The kids were very chatty and difficult to coral, but the only thing I actually had to teach was a mental math test - PE followed and the afternoon was pretty much free time and easy as pie.

Still, not an easy class.

Yesterday (and, I'd like to pause here to say: WOOT! It's December! T-minus, 23 days until Christmas!) I met up with Christa at Shepherd's Bush. We explored around some then caught Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Vue Cinemas. It was a great finale - it incorporated most of the book's major points, threw in the battle scene the book lacked, and I totally adored how they used graphics of a flipping book to tie the movie to its origins at the end scene. Afterward we went to supper (after wandering around trying to find some place that struck both our fancies) at an oriental buffet called Aroma right there in the mall. It was very yummy and I wish I'd had room to eat more than I did. It was a great day overall - I had oodles of fun and really enjoyed myself.

Tomorrow it'll be back into the fray - hopefully my track record of five day work-weeks will continue!

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