Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in London - Belated and Extended

So, on Wednesday, my roommates departed in the early morning for six days in Venice and Munich. I woke up at 11 and got ready; it was time for my postponed Christmas dinner. At quarter to two, Christa arrived with what seemed like a truckload of supplies and luggage. She settled in and we caught up on the news and gossip and exchanged gifts (she gave me a Minnie Mouse plushie!). In between watching movies and more chatting, we worked on putting a meal together - turkey (we overcooked it so it was a bit dry but it was TURKEY - rosemary turkey done with a recipe Christa found online), mashed sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes (Christa peeled, I chopped, boiled and mashed them), and brussel sprouts (I boiled them - they were then mixed with butter and garlic). There was also gravy which wasn't so bad but we're not going to talk about that. Ever.

On Thursday, by the time Christa and I decided we wanted to go to the Science Museum it was too late in the day (decision making - not our thing) so we went to Shepherd's Bush and, while I window shopped, Christa picked up some belated gifts for her roommates. We came back to the house to finish up the leftovers and more movies and chatting. Really, we could have made movie watching and  chatting Olympic events and won the gold, I swear.

Friday we went to the Science Museum. Science Museums, if you've never been, are exciting and interesting. Science Museums, if you have been before, are basically more of the same. Technology is tracked through the centuries; steam engines are begun with John Watt and move forward until cars and space shuttles come about. Space shuttles mean space travel and that's a whole kettle of fish including how the food is stored, how  non-gravity is dealt with and how...basic human needs are met. There are generic exhibits explaining how the atmosphere, evolution, genetics, and so on work. And, of course, there's a flash to the future - where toilets will be able to  analyze feces and urine for signs of illness and update your doctor and shopping lists accordingly.

Christa finally left this morning after having spent (count them) three nights crashing on the couch - but we'll be getting together again at her place in just two days for New Year's. :)

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