Monday, September 9, 2013

Things I Miss From Canada...

So, it's been almost a year now that I'm in London, UK and there are definitely some things from home I'm more than little longing for. *cue sigh here* I mean, obviously my family and my cat and my books top the list, but it's more than that; I'm also missing some of the smaller things, the things you can swing by a store and snag on your way home, the things you can find lining the shelves of countless stores.

1) Kraft Peanut Butter

I find that the UK's take on peanut butter tastes like sawdust - almost as though they forgot to shell the peanut before making with the squishing. I have to Kraft smuggled in with visiting friends and family, LOL.

2) Twizzlers 

Well, any red licorice would suffice - even the store brand versions - because for some strange reason the only red licorice I've seen so far in the UK is stuffed with marshmallow. Ew.

3) La Belle Province 

Specifically, I miss my steamed hot dogs with coleslaw, ketchup, and pickles. I'll take the watered down Pepsi and not-fried-enough fries too, but it's the hot dogs I'm after. The UK concept of hot dogs seems to be more like a German sausage wrapped in a piece of bread. Not remotely the same.

4) Chef Boyardee Ravioli

It has a pull-tab lid. You open it, pour it in a bowl, microwave it, and eat it. It's meaty. It's got nutritional value (and even if it doesn't, let's just pretend, okay? I'm happy in my denial, thanks). And, best of all, it's easy!

5) Cinnamon Buns

There ARE some cinnamon franchises around - like Cinnabon - but they're a bit pricey.  I miss being able to grab one along with my morning hot chocolate, since most coffee shops (Costa, Starbucks) don't offer them. *sniffle*

6) Compatible DVDs

Thanks to DVD region codes, DVDs sold in the UK can't be played on North American DVD players. This means that while I can watch the DVDs I brought along with me on my laptop and personal DVD player, any DVD I buy in the UK can only be viewed in the UK, which does me little good when I don't plan to be here permanently. Oh, how my collection doth suffers. I'm already a season behind on Supernatural!

7) Froot Loops 

So, sure, there's Froot Loops available in the UK. Except that the UK Froot Loops have only three colours of loops (green, orange, and purple) and a much more bland, decidedly less fruity taste. Total disappointment that left me aching for the real stuff.

8) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

They're my favourite part of Halloween and my hands-down favourite candy bar of all time. So, naturally, it's unavailable in London. Or, if it is available, it's either not original recipe or else not in its natural form. Oh, how I mourn.

9) Tim Horton's

I miss Timbits. I miss Timmie's hot chocolate. I'm Canadian - do I really need to explain this one?

10) Winter Coats

The UK's idea of a winter coat is Canada's idea of a fall coat; nowhere near as warm or as comfy. I brought a coat over with me of course, but I still miss the option of readily available alternatives, if you understand what I mean.

What I don't miss about Canada:

It's beyond amusing how London shuts down for an inch of snow - it's freaking adorable. That being said, I most certainly don't miss Canadian winters. Putting aside the fact that the cold temperatures make my hip so stiff its like moving through molasses, I don't miss the fact that you can gain three feet of snow in as many hours. I don't miss that you get snow up to your thighs. I don't miss the winter roads or the winter driving. I don't miss having to walk outside in a Canadian winter. I don't miss the snow plows getting to work. Heck, I don't even miss snow days. Canadian winter as a whole is not on my "Oh, how I long for thee!" list (um, except, apparently, to mention how much I don't miss it). Blah.

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