Sunday, May 12, 2013

Star Trek into Shoes

Yet another awesome weekend.

Guess what I finally saw? Star Trek into Darkness! Went to one of the early shows over in Shepherd's Bush with Christa. It was awesome; well worth the freaking FOUR YEAR wait (and if there is a god in heaven the next sequel will not be in 2017 but some time a lot sooner, please and thank you). I loved seeing how the story continued to build on the first movie, prodding the characters closer and closer to the heroes fans expect them to be. Best part of all, however, is how the films keep twisting the established mythology. They take what's been done, what viewers expect, shake it up, and spit out something that's familiar yet unique all at the same time. The death scene, for instance, totally blew my mind. Plus, you know, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are just plain yummy.

I hate shoes. You ever read MaryJanice Davidson's Betsy Taylor series? The main character, Betsy, is a shoe addict with whole rooms devoted to her shoe collection. I am nothing like her. I am her polar opposite. I do not wear heels. Or sandals. Or slip-ons. Or clogs. Or stilettos. Or...well, the list goes on. I wear sneakers. Just sneakers. And, okay, one pair of black knee-high boots, but aside from that I'm strictly a sneakers girl. Sneakers are awesome. They're comfortable. They can suit most outfits. Most importantly of all, they can fit both my lift and my foot with relative ease.

That being said, want to take a wild guess what's next to impossible to find in London? Sneakers. At least a reasonable price - they, of course, have Nike and Adidas and such but for like £50 and more. I checked everywhere and the closest I found were high-tops which don't fit with my lift. Finally resorted to some extreme Google hunting and found a store called Shoe Zone that seemed to sell what I was looking for. Trouble was finding the store in Hammersmith - always a fun area to navigate. Christa came along to help and, eventually, we found the store and, more importantly, the shoes. That did indeed fit with my lift. Mission accomplished!

We grabbed lunch at Nando's there in Hammersmith but the chicken they put in Christa's sandwich was teeny tiny and the waitresses were rude. Wasn't impressed. Returned to my place afterwards for some hanging out before Christa went back to Forest Hill.

Pretty awesome weekend all the way around.

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