Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kensington Palace Picture Post!

And now, for what I'm sure you've all been truly waiting for: Pictures! These are from my recent excursion to Kensington Palace - and by recent, I mean earlier today. Enjoy!

Me with the Prince Albert Memorial behind me!

A pair of Lady Di's gowns

View of the gardens from inside the palace

Me with the gardens and some of the palace behind me

Gloucester Road on the way to the palace

Kensington Palace and the Round Pond

Walk lane leading towards the palace

Lane way on the way to the palace

Me and Nicole standing in from of Kensington Palace

My back as I stand in one of the King's receiving rooms

Stairwell leading up to the King's Apartments

Swans in the Round Pond in front of the palace

The V&A Museum and Museum of Natural History on walk back to station

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