Monday, September 15, 2014

Montreal Comic Con

Comic Con was AMAZING. Pure and simple. On Friday morning, Daddy drove me down to Verdun for 9.30AM and Paula and I got ourselves organized as volunteers. I spent almost the full six hours working at the Photo Ops booth, sitting down while doing the cash. Fifteen hours of volunteering would get me a full refund of my 3-Day Pass so I wanted to get as many hours down as possible right off since none of my OMG MUST SEE events were on Friday. Uncle Peter picked us up at the metro afterward and we returned to the house for hamburgers, chatting, and bed.

On Saturday, in between more volunteer hours and perusing the dealers' room, I went to the Billy Boyd  Q&A at 11.00AM. Big shocker: Billy Boyd is not a tall man. Sadly, whoever had set up the table and stools on stage apparently missed the memo; Billy Boyd literally had to CLIMB his stool to take a seat and then had that delightful facepalm moment when he realized he was too far from the table for it to do him any good. And, also? The organizers had forgotten to provide him with water. Expecting Billy Boyd to talk for nearly an hour sans aqua is not a good idea - there could be no Pippin singing! *snibble* He was hilarious, though, telling about his angst over the remodeled Hobbit feet coming too late to spare him the horror of the LotR model.

I haunted the autograph area afterward, catching glimpses of Danny Glover, Hulk Hogan, Robert Edlund, Karl Urban, and the cast of Star Trek TNG. *sigh* So, so, so cool!

At 13.30PM, I went to the Patrick Stewart Q&A.  He was pure hilarity, right down to his facial expressions. He explained the proper way to address a knight (Sir + FIRST name, not last) and the origin of the Picard Maneuver (Gene Roddenberry loathed seeing the fabric bulge when actors sat and stood and, after Stewart's chiropractor vetoed the original super-tight uniforms, the Picard Maneuver was born as the compromise).

At 16.00PM, I attended the Stephen Amell Q&A which was awesome. More so than the others, it was really fan driven and he was really personable in all his answers.

And then...then came Sunday, the best of the days. Thanks to Mr. Hip, I was second in line for my photo op with Stephen Amell. His rep had requested no handshakes, on account of his hand being strained from training, but he nonetheless offered me his hand to help into the photo area while Paula held my cane. Which, naturally, led to this:

Afterward, Paula and I were first in line to have our picture taken with LeVar Burton. As my cousin put it, the librarian, the teacher, and the Reading Rainbow host...and damn but it made a good photo.

See? What I tell you.

Also, SPOILER ALERT, we then had the pictures autographed. Shocking, I know.

We concluded Comic Con with Karl Urban's Q&A. Now, THERE is a celebrity who knows how to connect with his fans, even shooing off the coordinators reminding him of his time limits. He had a good mix of Lord of the Rings, Almost Human, and Star Trek questions and tried his best to answer them all. He told a hilarious story about pranks (Neutron radiation, ha!) on the set of Star Trek into Darkness When one girl asked for his opinion on rank not being shown on the female uniforms in the new Star Trek franchise, something he'd never noticed, he not only promised to look into it and even request the rank be removed from Bones' uniform if it persisted in the third film, he asked the girl come meet him at his booth following the Q&A for a photo and autograph.

The weekend ended with pizza back at Auntie Eileen and Uncle Peter's with my dad.

Best. Weekend. EVER.

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