Monday, February 18, 2013

National Gallery and M&Ms

Today was pretty high on the fun spectrum...probably because I'm a dork and I went to a museum and museums, as everyone knows, museums are to dorks what sanitized bubbles are to germaphobes.

After grabbing an early lunch at a restaurant in Chinatown, Christa and I went to the National Gallery, as planned, and looked at all the pretty, pretty paintings from the last five centuries. The weather was actually playing nice for a change so not only was it pretty warm, but the sky was clear blue and the sunshine was bright and cheery. Naturally, photography isn't allowed in the Gallery itself - must protect the paintings, after all - but I got some exterior shots and, well, Google is such a helpful little bugger.

My friend Michelle would've been so proud; I actually recognized several of the paintings and several of the artists. All that time spent in Art History classes finally put to good use, LOL, although I'm still more interested in the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies than I'll probably ever be in Monet and Ruben. Speaking of artists, not only were Monet and Ruben present and account for, but so were Van Gogh, C├ęzanne, Seurat, Raphael, and even Michaelangelo. Not to mention the National Gallery is a beautiful building with some gorgeous architecture and interior design, paintings excepted. The whole building is itself a work of art.

Afterwards,  Christa and I wanted to grab some supper but it was much too early - only about 4PM - so we killed time walking to Covent Garden and then back down to Leicester's Square. Do you know what they have in Leicester's Square? M&M World! 

Where they have LOADS of M&M merchandise, most based on their promotional characters, and a surprising limited selection of actual M&Ms. Sure, you can choose your own colour combinations and get various sized bottles/containers full of the candy but regular old bags of milky chocolate goodness? Not so much. Still, the store itself borders on a museum - with lots of photo opportunities, as you see from the above.

Supper happened finally at T.G.I.Friday's where I had the steak (YUM!) and then we walked back to Westminster to grab our trains back to our roosts. Needless to say, it was an awesome day! 

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