Sunday, November 11, 2012

Return from the Break...*yawn*

I know, I know - it's been like forever since my last update but, to be fair, there's been nothing all that exciting going on to merit the sharing. My break was basically a bore - I spent the whole of it basically reading and writing with the exception of Friday when I ventured out to catch Skyfall. The cinema is surprisingly close by - just three stops away on the train - and the prices aren't too bad, at least provided I stick to matinee showings. Skyfall was definitely the best of the Daniel Craig Bond movies to date (although Live and Let Die is still my all time favourite) and I'm happy to say had a lot of the traditional Bond elements that have been missing from the last two movies, including Q. I'm still disappointed by Bond's apparent lack of humour - I miss the sarcastic wit he's possessed in the past, especially as Brosnan played him. Hopefully that will change with the coming installments - five more movies are set to feature Craig in the lead role.

To be fair, I had made other plans of the social variety - I had wanted to go to the Tower of London on Wednesday with some friends - but when my companions backed out for one reason or another I opted to postpone. Not one for the solo outings am I.

This week, as I've said, was another one where the GPS was void. Unfortunately, unlike the week preceding the break, this one didn't turn up as much work - I only worked three days (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).

Monday was only a half day and a teaching assistant position to boot - I was back at the same school, St Marys, except with reception this time around rather than nursery.  I really like that school - the students are well behaved, the teachers are welcoming, and the school itself would be perfect if not for all the stairs. One little boy - an autistic student of the Year One class I'd done one-on-one reading with last time - came up to me on the playground during play time and asked if I could come back and read with him because he really liked that. I almost cried; it was so sweet!

On Wednesday and Thursday, I was back at Wembley - remember the school with the outdoor courtyard in the middle? - to do nursery and reception respectively. Nursery was actually two groups - one in the morning, one in the afternoon - and the kids were pretty adorable. One thing I don't like about the UK curriculum for the youngest grades is that there's no expectation of individual elaboration. What I mean by that is that the teacher gives small lessons - usually half an hour or less - about a particular topic (prepositions, for example, or subtraction) and then that's it; the kids just go off and play. During my practicum in a kindergarten room, there would almost always be some sort of one-on-one follow-up to the lessons, like the students writing in their journals or playing a math-based game with the teacher. It's odd not to have that follow-up happening and a little...underwhelming, I suppose, and disappointing too. Anyways, the morning went well, the afternoon less so; multiple students threw up in a domino-like sequence of events. Fortunately, someone else took responsibility for that little mishap and I was charged with occupying the remainder of the class. Thank all the gods.

That night I went straight from the school to meet up with Jeeves at Westminister station. This meant that I finally got my first look at Big Ben - it was literally right across the street from the station's entrance. Considering the hour, dark had already fallen, so you can just imagine how lovely it was to see Big Ben all lit up as it was against the backdrop of night sky. *sigh* Made me wish I'd had my camera but, since this was a last minute get-together, no such luck. I also saw the London Eye all lit up in blue lights and the Thames. We went to a cafe just around the corner from Waterloo station where Jeeves had a hot chocolate and I Coca-Cola (big shock). Conversation happened, but it was a short hang out - Jeeves had to leave all too soon afterward to catch a train to another meeting. I grabbed some McD's for supper and that was that. Came home to find the door's latch had been thrown, effectively locking me out despite my keys. Aggravating that, especially as it was only just after eight o'clock at night, but at least ringing the door bell proved effective.

Thursday was uneventful and Friday I didn't receive an assignment, so that pretty sums up my most recent going-ons. Like I said, not the most exciting of tales to relate. I've been reading a lot - and can I just say I positively despise cliffhanger endings - SO frustrating! - and writing even more. November is deemed National Novel Writing Month and there's a challenge - not for a prize or anything like that, just because, just to see if you can  - to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. In the past, homework has ultimately thwarted my efforts but this year I seem to have a surplus of free time and it's going pretty well; so far I have about 16,000 words written. Cue the HOORAH! here.

As far as next week goes, I already have work lined up (thanks to my awesome consultant) for Tuesday through Friday back at Wembley so it's only Monday that's a bit of a question mark. Hopefully something will turn up - fingers crossed!

Until next week, my freaky darlings!

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